Daily Prompt Smell You Later White Flower Balm




Smell You Later


Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.    It’s called white flower balm.  Have you heard of it?  If you click the sentence above it will tell you more.  I cannot live with out this natural remedy!

  • Relieves chest and nasal congestion
  • Analgesic oil
  • Alleviates itching and pain from insect bites
  • Temporary relief of muscle aches and joint pain
  • Useful for tension headaches and epigastric pain



my stories, my thoughts and my ideas… all pieces of my mind, anything goes!

“For long you’ll live and high you’ll fly,
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry,
And all you touch and all you see…
Is all your life will ever be?”    ~Pink Floyd

Ever since I could remember I love to write. My dream of becoming a journalist changed when I fell in love with the dream of becoming a doctor. I became a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Medical Technologist) instead because I was hired fresh from college to help a pathologist, who was my professor in Anatomy, start the Department of Pathology in a hospital located in the suburb of Manila. When my job was done there, I went to work at my alma mater as a clinical instructor. I was hired by a hospital here in Massachusetts after a short stint at that university and through the years, I have never lost my interest in writing so I started a laboratory newspaper that went on publication for 10 years and the SGC Grapevine, a publication of the garden club doings and editorials by some of the other garden club members. I have been contemplating on having a blog. So here I am, decidedly blogging and I have no other reason but to get better at it. It will be a work in progress and hopefully you will enjoy it.





Werner Herzog Walks to Paris

In 1974 Werner Herzog walked from Munich to Paris, an act of faith to prevent the death of his friend Lotte Eisner. This is his account of the journey.




About Me

Come with me on my photography journey to capture life one picture at a time.

Nature is part of our everyday life but, taking the time to stop and really see it is when you will appreciate its beauty.

I will go to many extremes to get the pictures I truly want. I have been down on my knees to get a picture of a frog exiting our Koi pond. I have lain down on the ground in the clover to capture honey bees pollinating.  I have chased bumble bees around the yard to capture them landing on flowers. I have been closer to alligators than I should have been at Brazos Bend Park.

The thing about photographers is we are so determined to get that special picture we want.

I love photography, and I hope to share my love for it through my blog.

My camera is always in my hand and always in my heart..

Photography is a part of my soul it is a reflection of who I am, and it defines me.





About Jackie Paulson

I help authors by doing book reviews, I am an Intuitive Guidance Counselor Experienced Security Officer, Paralegal, Bachelor Degree Tech Mgmt, Barber/Hair Stylist 20+ years, Internet guru, Research, Blogger, Mom, Great Clips Hair Expert. Jackie Paulson © 2014-2016
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